[ANSWERED] Your written brief should address, for example, the followin

Your written brief should address, for example, the following; you may adjust the questions to better concentrate on the change you and your troops may face: How has the military historically dealt with transition from combat to garrison? How long did it take to make that transition effective? Which leaders are integral in order for this transition to go smoothly? What are some of the issues that arise when dealing with change? How has your branch of service been addressing these issues? What type of leadership style works best with change? Describe why the components of the leadership style work. Give an example of a leader that has used this style effectively in the past. How would you suggest these issues be addressed based on prior knowledge and experience? Be specific on how to implement these strategies. For this activity, you will demonstrate your ability to express complex ideas with clarity and precision by composing an oral presentation based on your written brief and creating a PowerPoint presentation with audio to enhance the content of your brief. After you have created your PowerPoint presentation and are ready to record your audio, first write a script for your oral presentation that is between 4 and 5 minutes long length. Remember, if it’s on the slide, you have to talk about it.

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