[ANSWERED] Willing to pay up to $150-$200 depending on one could have t

Willing to pay up to $150-$200 depending on one could have this done! Questions are listed below and attached word doc includes actual problems. 1. Construct derivations that establish the following derivability claims. In each case start by setting up the main structure of the derivationwith the primary assumption or assumptions at the top and the sentence to be derived at the bottom, and then identify the initial subgoal or goals. Complete the derivation, remembering to consider both the form of the current goal sentence and the content of the accessible sentences in selecting appropriate subgoals. 2. /7.Show that each of the following arguments is valid in SD. 8. Prove that each of the following is a theorem in SD. 9. Show that the members of each of the following pairs of sentences are equiv- alent in SD. 11. Symbolize the following arguments in SL. Then show that the symbolized argu- ments are valid in SD. Also attached is more information regarding the class Construcing Derivations in Logic, 20 questions; $100 edit: double attachments

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