[ANSWERED] Performance Review Session 1- Let’stalk about the performanc

Performance Review Session 1- Let’stalk about the performance reviewNick received from Warren. Would you accept the review if you were Nick? What would you want to be different and why? Performance Review Overinflating 2-What tends to happen when supervisors “over inflate” performance reviews? Status Reports 1- You’ve had a variety of weekly leaders in this class, and you’ve all turned in Status Reports. What can you do to improve that process and better evaluate and manage your teammates? Communication 2-Have any of the teams re-visited your agreed upon team contracts to resolve disputes, or just to make sure you are following your agreed-upon processes? Is there anything you would change in your team contract? Formal vs. Informal Authority 3-People do not always have formal authority, as in this class. What kind of “soft skills” are important for team leaders to possess? Do you think these skills can help you in the “real world?” Technology and Communication 4- How has technology helped or hindered your groups in terms of communication?

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