[ANSWERED] CMGT410Training Session Project Plan Task Flow Network and C

CMGT410Training Session Project Plan Task Flow Network and Critical Path: In this section, arrange second-level WBS elements in the form of a task-flow network to determine various task dependencies. Determine the critical path along which necessary resources are allocated to achieve project objectives in the appropriate timeframe. Indicate earliest occurrence times and highlight the critical path. Project Schedule: For the project schedule, arrange second-level tasks on a timeline. Use a Gantt chart to illustrate the start and completion dates of each task. Take into consideration whether the tasks, due to task dependencies identified in the preceding task-flow network diagram, may be completed in parallel or must be done in serial. Use this to base Cinemark USA Inc is one of the world s most popular movie theater franchises. However, the movie theater business is a very competitive industry. In a world where technology is steadily on the rise, it is important to make sure that a business is prepared to cater to a very demanding consumer base. Cinemark attempts to keep up with current market trends and showcases what the company feels are valuable assets to attract potential customers. Cinemark continues to strive to provide a top-of-the-class viewing experience with innovative services and products. In this paper, we will detail a hardware procurement project plan whose goal is the advancement and improvement of Cinemark Theaters and its interior components. The target areas of improvement will include movie screens, projectors, seating, and physical access means. Improving and upgrading these areas will, in turn, improve the quality of the movie viewing experience. The improvements noted will be a beneficial investment for Cinemark Theaters; attracting new and returning customers, thus widening its consumer base. Cinemark s strongest competitors are AMC and Regal Entertainment. Cinemark must create an advantage if it hopes to maintain its market share and competitive edge. This is where our project will be implemented

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