[ANSWERED] Amy: A Case Study Amy is the mother of three children: a dau

Amy: A Case Study Amy is the mother of three children: a daughter who is seven and twins a boy and a girl who are five. Her husband is an attorney and works long hours. Amy is a college graduate and worked in a professional role until the twins were born. Amy is an only child, social, attractive and very well organized. However, inside, Amy feels insecure, even worthless. Her mother was an alcoholic and her father died when she was ten. After her father died, Amy began to take care of her mother when her mother was too drunk to cook meals, or clean the house. Somehow, Amy always felt it was her fault her father died and her mother started drinking. She had always thought that when she got married and had her own family everything would be perfect. She never expected her husband would work seven days a week, 12 hour days. He rarely had time for the children or for her. Amy started drinking to numb her feelings of disappointment, but soon her drinking got in the way of taking care of the children and her home. How would you intervene with Amy? Write a three-page paper describing how you would develop and proceed with an assessment of Amy. Be sure to carry the assessment all the way through to the conclusion (diagnosis). Following your assessment, develop a comprehensive treatment plan taking into account a continuity of care approach and including models of treatment studied up to this point in the course.

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