[ANSWERED] After reviewing the following case study, write a three-page

After reviewing the following case study, write a three-page paper describing the diagnostic process you would use to determine if the adolescent described in the case study has a substance use disorder (substance abuse or substance dependence). Support your conclusions with references to the research literature. Be sure to include all the applicable steps of the diagnostic process and share your conclusions regarding whether or not she meets DSM-IV-TR criteria for a substance use disorder and why. Your paper should be in APA style 12 point font double-spaced Ashley: A Case Study Ashley is a straight A student who scores at the highest levels on every achievement test she has ever taken. In addition to being very intelligent, Ashley is also attractive. However, although she is at a normal weight, she always worries about gaining weight. When she was getting ready to study for her final exams, her mother offered her some diet pills to help her avoid getting sleepy while she finished her studying. The diet pills really worked and Ashley had lots of energy the next day, even though she only had slept one hour the night before. She completed her exams and received an A or A+ on each exam. She found out where her mother kept the pills and started taking them regularly. She found she had lots of energy and rarely was hungry. Soon Ashley began to find it hard to get to sleep and worried because her heart felt like it skipped beats or raced at times. She tried to stop taking the pills, but when she did she became very depressed and could not make herself get out of bed

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