[ANSWERED] 1. Sometimes all it takes is a little exchange to get the en

1. Sometimes all it takes is a little exchange to get the energy needed! Lets imagine that your snail above has an exchanger that actually uses the gradient of Ca2+ flowing in and K+ out to pump Na+ out. Specifically, this exchanger transports 2 ions of Ca2+ in and 1 ion of K+ out in order to pump 2 molecules of Na+ out. It turns out that the ion concentrations are a little different in this organism too, with both the extracellular concentration of Ca2+ and Na+ being 100 times the intracellular concentrations of each. However, the concentrations of K+, the resting membrane potential, and peak potential during the action potential are equivalent to those seen in the squid. Given this information (and assuming that you are working in a dish at room temperature [22C], please answer the following questions. a. First, please derive the equation for the reversal potential for this exchanger. b. Given this, please tell me whether this exchanger is likely to reverse under normal physiological conditions. Please explain your answer.

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